Sides - $3 each, or two for $5 - served in 8oz cups

Damn Good Potato Salad*

A staple of comfort food! This potato salad is made with lots of mustard and pickles, as well as a select blend of seasonings and fresh herbs, that way the potatoes actually taste good. 

*meatless, in case you're a vegetarian showing up to the smoked meats truck and still want something delicious

Vinegar Cole Slaw*

It's the refreshing brightness you're looking for in a coleslaw, without any of the mayonnaise to weigh it down. When it's 82°F outside and you're having barbecue, a good vinegar-based slaw is what you need.

*meatless, and kind of like a salad, which vegetarians crave

Collard Greens

Collard greens are basically essential to the tradition of smoked meats. Ours are hand-cut and slow-simmered for hours with ham hocks to bring a rich, savory flavor into every bite. We make them with a dash of Franks Red Hot on top (if you know, you know)


A German-style cabbage and noodles (yes, we could've just said that, but yes, we want to hear you ask for "noods" out loud) which will leave you smacking your lips and thinking about getting more. Lots of bacon, pan-softened cabbage, and a special blend of seasonings turn otherwise simple egg noodles into a symphony in your mouth.

Other Snacky Snacks

Hartville Potato Chips - $2

Don't let the name confuse you, these tasty snacks are made right here in Akron, Ohio! Salty, crispy crunchy and gluten free to boot, these small-batch kettle-cooked chips are loved by kids and adults alike!

Yaya Laurie's Baklava - $4

Whether you know what baklava is and love it, are a budding taste-tester of desserts originating from the Ottoman Empire, or have never heard of it before and are just curious, we'll stop you right here and let you know, this treat will not disappoint. Consisting of dozens of layers of phyllo pastry, ground nuts, and syrup, it's a decadent way to wrap up your meal!


Norka Soda - $3 / 12oz

Norka - it's Akron, spelled backwards! Our friends at Norka Soda make quality cane-sugar sodas - none of that high fructose corn syrup nonsense. We're proud to serve this local treat next to our food, available in Root Beer, Cherry-Strawberry, and Orange.

Coca-Cola / Diet - $3 / 12oz

It's Coke and Diet Coke, the ubiquitous colas you know and enjoy. We have them, and you can too. Not even putting up a picture, they're not paying us.

750ml Bottled Water - $2

Widely regarded as "the world's first soft drink," this refreshing beverage is now available in convenient, portable bottles.

If you're not into soda, we recommend that you go for one of these. 

Wash down a meal that tastes delicious with a drink that tastes like nothing.