The O.G. Pork - $9

This is not the pulled pork sandwich you're used to having on your friend's back porch, the one who just got the Big Green Egg and thinks they're an expert in fluid dynamics now. This one is much, much better.

We take a toasted, buttered bun and pile on a mountain of smoked pulled pork. Dress it up with some pickled red onions, then slather it in our house-made original Carolina Gold style mustard BBQ sauce. 

Sweet, tangy, smoky & savory, it's called "The O.G." for a reason.

The Texas Brisket - $12

You know those TikToks and Reels that tell you how their 4-hour brisket is about as good as the Texas original? We've got some details for you:

1, they're lying, and you'll be able to tell, because

2, *this is* the Texas original.

A toasted, buttered bun receives a generous portion of top-quality beef brisket that's been slow-smoking since f*cking yesterday. We throw some fresh white onion & pickles on top and add our original bourbon BBQ sauce, before handing it over to change your day.

The Mongo Melt - $10

First off, it's MONGO, not "MANGO." Don't worry, no stone fruits involved. But just about everything else is, and a party is happening.

We throw a toasted, buttered bun out the window and then grab thick-sliced sourdough instead, because this sandwich demands it.

On that bread we make a bed of smoked pulled pork, upon which layers of pimento cheese and collard greens join the fun. After a dash of Franks Red Hot, this party heads to a panini press to get everything hot & steamy. (Okay, not really steamy, but definitely melty & crispy.)

Smoked Street Tacos - $10 / 3 tacos per order

Sometimes we get asked, "what are tacos doing on a bbq truck?" Well, since they're made with the best damn smoked meats and the freshest ingredients available, they're selling out, that's what they're doing.

In a loving homage to the Mexican street taco tradition, we soften up authentic corn tortillas, pile in our juicy slow-smoked pork, and top them with freshly chopped cilantro, white onion, and locally-sourced salsa verde. They're finished with a sprinkle of crumbled queso fresco, and served with lime wedges for a refreshing zing. 

You'll be glad there are 3 of them in an order.


This truck is called "Best Damn Smoked Meats." Yeah, there's an innuendo every so often, but from the beginning of the day through to the end of it, we're here to prove that name to our customers.

Sometimes that means going out of our way to put even more options out there for everyone to enjoy. Oh, you wanted ribs? Sometimes we do that. You ever wish that those chocolate cake swiss rolls were made of meat and butter and herbs instead? Bless you, it's a real thing - it's called "porchetta" and sometimes we do that too.

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